About Test My Drink

TEST MY DRINK is a company dedicated help teens, high school, college, university students and adults preventing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can be spiked.

Our products have become very popular in the students and adults and we are having positive response from the students, Universities and bars. People of any gender can be the target or perpetrator but the university students are more vulnerable.

These personal test strips are designed to detect the possible presence of the illicit “Date Rape Drugs” GHB and Ketamine in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. drug-facilitated sexual assault, commonly known as “date Rape”, occurs when illicit drugs are slipped into an unsuspecting victim’s drink. These colorless, odorless and tasteless drugs were impossible to detect until now.


About Secure Your Drink

Secure Your Drink™ is a MULTI-USE SILICONE LID COVER designed to shield against spills, drugs, contamination, and leaks from beverage containers. Our company´s mission is to assist teenagers, students, and adults in preventing drinks spiking and leakage, while also providing a solution for kids to protect against leaks and contamination.
The company Secure Your Drink invented and got the patent for the unique and amazing Multi-use SIlicone Lid Cover, recognizing the need for a beverage cover. After continuous innovation, Secure Your Drink is now available worldwide, aimed at safeguarding drinks and beveages. We´ve developed a LIFT N´LOCK SIP SYSTEM fot effortless beverage concumption.
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