This test is designed to detect gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and ketamine in realistic concentrations, 3.0g / 250 ml and 1.0g /250ml respectively.

GHB (gammahydroxybutyrate)

LIQUID ECSTASY, GEEBS, GBL, GBH, 4-BD, 1: Salty-tasting clear fluid or white powder that is easy to make at home. Acts as a muscle relaxant and causes short-term amnesia when taken with alcohol. It produces a feeling of euphoria, reduce inhibitions and drowsiness. The effects start after about 10 minutes to an hour and can last for up to seven hours or so. Because GHB can really knock you out, it has been linked to drug assisted sexual assaults.


VITAMIN K, SUPER K, SPECIAL K, K, GREEN, DONKEY DUST : A white powder that is mostly used on animals. It can cause a catatonic state and short-term amnesia. The effects do not last long, but until they wear off, ketamine can cause a loss of feeling in the body and paralysis of the muscles. It can also lead to you experiencing a distortion of reality/ hallucinating. You can ‘trip’ for between half an hour to several hours, and the after-effects may be felt for some hours afterwards


Use the test strip to check your drink for hidden drugs.


Use the test strip to check your drink for hidden drugs.


Smear each gently, wait until dry.


If either spot turns to a darker blue color see back the test strip for further instructions.


How to detect drugs in drinks

Read carefully before using the TEST MY DRINK date rape drug detector:

How the test strip is performed:
It takes the activation of both test spots in one test character to fully test the beverage in question. make sure both test spots are dry, and free on condensation from the drink container. Place drops of the beverage to be tested onto each spot using a swizzle stick or even one’s finger. Rub, gently. Do not mix the chemicals from each spot together. They should remain separated for best results. Wait until dry.

The test strip can take a few minutes to dry and get a result, be patient. If either spot turns to a DARK BLUE COLOR, a positive test result has occurred. many colored beverages will impart a slight hue to the test spots, this is not a positive result. Tap water and certain mineral waters may impart a transient blue hue to the test spots while the test is drying. this is not a positive result, and should dissipate when dry. When in doubt with any beverage, always discard. Always use common sense and NEVER LEAVE DRINK UNATTENDED. NOT TO BE USED WITH ANY MILK PRODUCTS, OR BEVERAGES CONTAINING MILK PRODUCTS, CREME OR OILY LIQUORS. SOME FRUIT JUICES AND SOME WATERS MAY RENDER A FALSE POSITIVE RESULT.


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